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Math. Reading. Success.

Welcome to Kumon, the world’s largest after-school math and reading program. The Kumon Method has helped millions of children achieve more than they ever thought they could. We believe it can help your child, too. At Kumon, your child will build skills that lead to success inside and outside the classroom.


At Kumon, our math and reading programs help children of all ages and levels become eager, independent self-learners. Unlike tutoring sessions, Kumon helps children learn how to learn on their own, and develops strong academic skills. Our students gain a sense of confidence that will help them in the classroom and beyond.

How to Enroll in Kumon

1. Schedule and attend an appointment for a FREE Placement Test and Orientation.



Feel free call us at 408.732.9898 or email us to schedule an appointment or find alternate appointment times.


2.  Read and fill out application forms. Your child can start the next class day when you turn them in!



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Tuesdays: 4pm-6pm
Saturdays: 10am-12pm
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5/26: Zoom closed for Memorial Day
5/27-5/28: All centers closed for Memorial Day
7/4-7/6: All centers and Zoom closed for Independence Day
The Kumon Method: Learning How to Learn

Kumon is an academic program like no other. Instead of passively receiving instruction from teachers or tutors, Kumon Students actively develop self-learning skills. Here’s how.


  • Each student progresses at his or her own pace through an individualized program of worksheets carefully planned by the Instructor.

  • Students do daily assignments that take about 15-20 minutes per subject, and attend the center once or twice weekly.

  • Step by logical step, students steadily build a solid grasp of math and reading, and become more confident and motivated with each worksheet solved.


      I am taking this opportunity to thank you and your dedicated staff for bringing about such a positive change in Shiva.  It was just about a year ago, when we were worried about Shiva's math.  My friend advised us to enroll him at Kumon.
After visiting most of the centers around our area, I was impressed with yours.
Today Shiva is an Honor roll student at Kumon and way above his grade level at school.  I am really very proud of him...Thanks to you.


       I want to thank you for the wonderful work you do with Kumon.  Joseph's phonetic awareness and knowledge have improved tremendously...


     Thanks for helping me get faster! Only one person in my class beats me at our math tests and he goes to Kumon too!



— Jaya, Parent, Sunnyvale


— Diana, Parent, Santa Clara


— Andy, Student, Sunnyvale

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