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Kumon Math and Reading

Kumon reading and math programs help children master those fundamental skills so important to their overall academic performance.

Our founder's belief that every child possesses untapped abilities and the potential to excel remains central to our philosophy. In short, there is nothing a child can't do.

Kumon is a complete learning program with comprehensive curricula in Math and Reading, going from preschool all the way up to the college level. It is an individualized program suitable for children of diverse needs and abilities, and they may enter the Math or Reading program, or both, at the appropriate point in the curriculum determined by our Placement Test.



Kumon is not a tutoring program, but rather an independent learning program where students learn to learn on their own. Kumon is systematically designed to foster learning independence and harness your child's full potential. While it may not move in lockstep with your child's school curriculum, Kumon nurtures core skills that will help your child cope with material covered throughout school - even in subjects other than math and reading.


Unlike other programs, Kumon looks beyond any specific learning issue your child may be facing at this time to "the big picture" of your child's schooling. The program as a whole is geared to prepare children for the challenges of secondary school, which may be considerable, even for students who have had no previous difficulties.


Kumon is also an achievement-oriented program that encourages advanced study whenever possible, and many students enroll or stay with Kumon because they're not challenged enough at school.


The Kumon program fosters:

  • A mastery of the basics of reading and math
  • Self-learning ability
  • Improved concentration and study habits
  • Increased self-discipline and self-confidence
  • A proficiency in material at every level
  • Performance to each student’s full potential
  • A sense of accomplishment


With centers in 44 countries, Kumon has helped more students succeed worldwide than any other after-school program.


The Kumon Method was developed to unlock the potential in every child. That's our mission, and we are accomplishing it every day.

More information at (800-ABC-MATH).

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