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How Kumon Works with School

Fortifying Skills that Improve Performance


Kumon works alongside your child's school curriculum and develops core skills that will help your child tackle material in those and other subjects. Kumon is not meant to take the place of your child's schoolwork, nor mirror exactly what is being covered in the classroom. A program precisely calibrated and paced to each child's unique abilities, Kumon can help a child throughout school catch up with, cope with, and even advance beyond what he or she is studying at school.


Complementary, Not Conflicting, Approaches

Most school curriculums today take a "spiral" approach in which children are exposed to various topics that may appear and reappear before being addressed in their full depth. Kumon's more "linear" approach introduces topics sequentially to be mastered by the student at that time in the program. Gaining a thorough understanding of concepts in this manner gives students a leg up with schoolwork, however and whenever those concepts may be covered in their school curriculum.


An Individualized Program

School classes must advance as a group, even though children vary considerably in ability and no two will progress in exactly the same way. Because Kumon can be individualized to a child's particular abilities, the program is unusually adaptive to his or her strengths and weaknesses. Kumon can therefore significantly bolster the efforts of your child's teachers.


Locking in the Basics

Children at both Kumon and school make use of the same core skills, but not all concepts can be adequately retained by all schoolchildren before the material advances. Kumon ensures that concepts are amply reinforced for best retention. Students with a genuine mastery of fundamentals enjoy a considerable advantage in their academic pursuits.


Paving the Way for Success

Kumon develops key learning skills, study habits, and self-confidence that will resonate with your child all throughout his or her academic career and pay dividends for a lifetime. As Kumon students catch up to or surpass grade level, they routinely find that schoolwork becomes both more manageable and more enjoyable. They often excel in their peer groups and gain the recognition of their teachers for their performance at school. Indeed, many teachers familiar with Kumon enthusiastically acknowledge its virtues and recommend it to parents.

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