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COVID-19 Updates for Kumon Sunnyvale - Central & Cupertino

Updated 11/7

Pickups will follow the schedule below:

Once a month: Ready for pickup starting 7th of that month (Work for 11th to 10th of the next month)

Every 2 weeks: Ready for pickup Sundays (Cupertino: Monday to Sunday work, Sunnyvale: Tuesday to Monday work)

Once a week: Ready for pickup Sundays (Cupertino: Monday to Sunday work, Sunnyvale: Tuesday to Monday work)

Please check back for updates.


Kumon Homegrading Guide

Kumon Homegrading Guide 2

Kumon-At-Home Best Practices

Other Kumon Resources

Activities for Kids at Home:

Educational Activites during School Closures

National Geographic Educational Activites

Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Sunnyvale Moms Educational Resources

Celebrity Read Aloud Stories

City of Sunnyvale eBooks and eAudiobooks Resource 

Free Audible (Audiobook) Stories for Kids

Virtual Field Trips

Scholastic Day by Day Projects by Grade

Evergreen School District Continuous Learning Activities

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

National Geographic Kids

COVID-19 Information:

Useful links on everything COVID-19

Centers for Disease Control

Santa Clara County Health

Remote Homework Help/Oral Reading Appointments

via Zoom or other methods:

Zoom Digital Class (ID:854-930-738)

     Tuesdays 4pm-6pm  

     Saturdays 10am-12pm 

              Zoom help for computer or phone

Online Level Achievement Tests

If you are notified that you need to take your Level

Achievement Test, please let us schedule a test time

for you here:

Instructors' contact information



Upcoming At-Home Activities and Contests

for Kumon Sunnyvale Central & Cupertino

PMA Challenge: 6/15-7/9


Activity Board

Student Conference Application

Kumon Bingo Board


Kumon Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

At-Home Math Scavenger Hunt Challenge

See how many boxes you can complete!  All submissions will be entered into a drawing for Target or Amazon gift cards.

     Scavenger Hunt Challenge - EASY

     Scavenger Hunt Challenge - MEDIUM

*Students must be enrolled at Kumon Sunnyvale Central or Kumon Cupertino to win prizes.

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