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Kumon Reading Program

The Kumon Reading Program is an individualized study program designed to improve the students´ reading comprehension ability in the English language. It is divided into five learning blocks: the word building block, the sentence building block, the paragraph development block, the summary block, and the critical reading block. Each block has an overall learning goal and builds the necessary foundation for the next learning block. The aim of the Kumon Reading program is to develop students' reading comprehension abilities to a point where they will easily be able to read, understand, summarize and analyze advanced forms of writing from a diversity of fields.

Though the main focus of the program is the development of reading comprehension skills, grammar lessons are also incorporated. Comprehension questions then follow the reading selections. In order for the students to produce a
ccurate & meaningful answers, they must be equipped with the proper grammar skills. Good writing and speaking skills are fostered as a natural outgrowth of the Kumon Reading curriculum.

The program begins with simple letter recognition, phonics and vocabulary development and moves into a study of grammar and sentence structure.  This is followed by exercises in organizing information, paragraph structure, passage analysis and ultimately summary writing and critical analysis. In addition to reading exercises, there is a recommended reading list aimed at developing the students’ interest in reading books of all genres.  Students begin at a comfortable starting point with work that can be easily completed.  This way they master the basics and gain complete proficiency with each successive step.

Practice Makes Perfect

Students typically attend the center twice a week.  Worksheets are assigned daily and repeated until mastered. The daily assignments are key to the Kumon method, ensuring optimal comprehension and retention of concepts as well as establishing a strong foundation for more advanced material. 

Realizing Each Child's Potential

Every student advances at a comfortable pace which is dictated by the student's ability and initiative.  The first priority of the Kumon instructor is to enable each child to perform and progress to her full potential. 

Reading Curriculum Levels  <view all level details>

The Reading Program consists of 23 levels, numbered Level 7A through Level L.  Each Level consists of 200 pages and is broken down by topic into sections.  The sections are likewise broken into sets of 10 pages.  Unlike the Math Program, levels in the Reading Program are grouped together into Blocks, each block dealing with a certain aspect of reading instruction.  There are five Blocks:  Word Building Block, Sentence Building Block, Paragraph Building Block, Summary Block and Critique Block.

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