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Early Learners

We accept Early Learners, who are preschool age students and students who require more assistance to hone their pre-reading skills. We try to instill a desire to learn and to help prepare them for their first academic challenges in math and reading.  Children work with Kumon staff at the Center, and with a parent at home. Our individualized and interactive method gives our Early Learner students a leg up in becoming avid readers and learners and successful students.

For our Early Learners, we foster:

  • A desire and motivation to learn

  • Acquisition of pre-literacy and numeracy skills

  • Comfort in a learning environment

  • Preparedness for school

  • A positive attitude toward school

  • Confidence and self-esteem

Pre-Reading Skills

  • Learning the letters of the alphabet, their shapes and sounds

  • Connecting the spoken and written word, building vocabulary

  • Acquiring basic phonics

Pre-Math Skills

  • Learning numbers

  • Writing numbers

  • Recognizing patterns of dots

  • Counting numbers beyond 220

  • Understanding basic addition

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