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With the Kumon Method of learning, your child can develop a solid foundation in math and reading as well as improved concentration and enhanced self-confidence. The key to learning with Kumon is to start the child at a comfortable starting point, where he or she can consistently solve 100% of the problems in a given amount of time. This approach increases self-confidence and allows the student to experience success right from the start.


Individualized Instruction lets each Kumon student advance according to individual ability rather than age or grade level. To accomplish this, the Kumon curriculum presents math and reading concepts in small increments, providing ample practice for each step. This method of individualized learning encourages independent learning, giving students the knowledge and skills to study on their own.

Through repeated practice, students develop mastery of skills before moving on to a higher level of study. Since the goal of the Kumon Method is to make high school study easy, Kumon students are encouraged to reach an advanced level of study. 

The Kumon Method

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